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How to Clean Your Patio with a Pressure Washer

by Donald

For most homeowners, cleaning the patio can be one of the more dreaded chores of spring and summer. With kids and pets running around on it all year, it can get pretty dirty and grimy, so you might think that power washing your patio could make it look sparkling new again, right? While pressure washing can instantly bring your deck back to life, there are some essential things to keep in mind before purchasing a concrete pressure washer to clean your patio. Here are five tips to help you clean your patio with a pressure washer safely and effectively this spring.

1) Save Your Patio Furniture

Start by removing cushions and covers, and then use an old toothbrush or other small brush to scrub mildew. Use your pressure washer on any remaining grime and dirt. The sun will take care of that over time as you enjoy your new-looking patio. And don’t forget to clean out your grill while you’re at it!

2) Prep Your Patio Area

Preparing your patio area is essential to get a professional-looking result. The easiest way is to clean up any loose debris before you start. This includes leaves, pine needles, dirt, and general trash or clutter on your patio. Remove furniture and move it out of range of where you’ll be working. You don’t want to damage your furniture while cleaning!

3) Which pressure washer?

The first step to pressure washing your patio is to choose which tool you will use. There are several types of concrete pressure washers available. Other models are better suited for specific cleaning jobs, but no single one can do it all. If you have a large project, get two—an electric model and a gas model. You can check out a few best models at Giraffe Tools store.

4) Use the suitable detergent

All pressure washers work differently, so check your owner’s manual to ensure you use an appropriate detergent. (Hint: It’s not soap.) Look for products specifically made for pressure washers and avoid cheap detergents formulated to cut through grime, but they can damage your equipment in other ways. In many cases, using soap will clog up your machine, making it work harder and heat up more quickly.

When to clean the patio – before or after rain?

Most would say that one needs to use a pressure washer only when it rains and then immediately clean off any dirt before it dries. This advice is accurate but not always practical. If you live in an area that never rains, try cleaning your patio after watering it heavily. This will ensure that all dirt is loosened from whatever surfaces are on your patio and ready to be washed away by your power washer.


Cleaning patios can be a hectic work but with these primary tips for cleaning your patio you can easily get your work done without any hassle. But the pro tip here is keep yourself safe as pressure washing can be dangerous as well when not handle with care and for that you must always wear safety goggles before you start pressure washing. You never know when a piece of debris could fly out from under your machine and hit you in the eye, so it’s essential to keep those peepers protected. However, pressure washers are great to get a perfect cleaning. Happy cleaning!

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